Maritime Management and Operations

Maritime transportation is one of the most important and core issues of the international economic activities. In this regard, the major aim of this department is equipping its students with basic management skills, knowledge and insight so as to deal with harbour management issues, ship management firms, businesses dealing with container transportation at both national and international marine sectors. The department also aims to bring up intermediary staff of management, who are able to compete in the field and keep up with the changes of the constant evolution of the marine sector.

In order to enroll to this department, students are required to get equiponderant grades from the university examination and/or fulfill the requirements depending on their nationality status. In order to graduate from this program, students are required to attend 10 hr practical training, 93 hr theoretical training, all together reaching 103 hrs, 94 credits of 35 courses and achieving at least an average of 2 out of 4 from these courses. Students are provided with extensive opportunities to study at a contemporary environment in both theoretical and practical terms.

After graduating from the two year program of this department, students have the opportunity to be recruited in agents of the marine sector as ship brokers, incumbents of ship operation as well as being recruited as intermediary staff within marine, harbour and customs units.