Ship Machinery

The major aim of the is to educate staff and equip them with all sort of necessary knowledge, skills and insight in order to effectively take part in the marine sector and carry out duties related to Marine Engineering within the marine sector.

Students are enrolled to this department provided that they obtain the required score from the university entrance exam held by the Higher Education Board (YÖK). The course contents are arranged according to the Seafarer’s Education and Examination criteria set by TR Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

After completing the two year program of this department, students are required to have 6 month applied marine training. In order to graduate from this program, students need to attend 32 hrs practical training, 92 hrs theoretical training, all together reaching 124 hrs, 111credits out of 37 courses and achieve at least an average of 2 out of 4 from these courses. Following this, students gain the right to take the “Third Officer/Mate” Examination held by the TR Ministry of Transport, maritime Affairs and Communications.

According to the result of this examination, graduates are recruited as “mechanist officers” in private or state maritime sector, powered by 750-3000 KW. They can gradually become marine chief mechanists or second mechanists. Besides marine sector, graduates of this department are competent enough to be recruited in jobs requiring technical skills on engineering such as in factories and other business sectors. Candidate students wishing to enroll to this department are required to have their Seafarer Medical Certificate.