Underwater Technologies

The aim of the Underwater Technologies Department is to provide free diving, life saving and scuba diving training in the first year and to provide welding and cutting training for the underwater industry. Our education has been accredited by the International Welding Institute (IIW). In this way, we prepare our graduates for the work environment all over the world. Also during their second-year, students are taught lessons such as sunken salvage, underwater search and rescue, underwater film and photography, underwater robotic systems (ROV), professional yacht captainship and non-destructive inspection (NDT). At the end of these two years our graduates have two very valuable certificates, such as “First Class Diver Diploma” and “Pressure Chamber Operator”, which universities cannot provide any undergraduate programs in Turkey except for the Underwater Technology Program and Naval Forces.

The content of our Diploma program is designed to ensure that students receive a qualified modern education in accordance with the requirements of the global competitive environment and the high quality standards required by the formal education system and that they are capable of problem solving, thinking fast, adapting to the required conditions, making decisions and applying those decisions effectively, to raise graduates specializing in all areas of education, who are more active and researching.

Domestic and overseas dive sites, marine companies, underwater construction companies (tube passage, pipeline etc.), oil companies, underwater consulting and projecting companies, port constructions, shipyards, underwater excavation archaeological teams and scientific organizations, private diving and rescue companies, are public institutions.

Students who would like to register to this program are required to have a detailed health report and must know how to swim.